Woven Dreams

All the works Su Kroker creates are characterized by their textile nature as well as gently flowing, vividly structured shapes thanks to being finely crocheted.
Visiting us from the world of fairy-tales these “dream webs” invite us to withdraw from everything cruel and loud. Handcrafted from silver or gold, each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, even if some of them are crafted as part of a small series. Su Kroker got the idea for her “jewelry viruses” during a walk in the summer when she saw burrs sticking to her children’s clothes. Inspired by this concept of Mother Nature Su Kroker started distributing her “jewelry viruses” at all the trade shows so as to “infect” other people and thus spread her rather “quiet” pieces all over the world. Her Schmuckvirus, she says, is “a virus that spreads fun and makes you happy!”