1966 Born in Stuttgart (D).

1988-1991 Apprenticeship as a silversmith at the firm Gotthold Schönwandt,
Allendorf/Nordeck, Germany . Examination as a silversmith.

1991-1993 Worked in several ateliers.

1992 Study at The "European School of Art" Trier, Germany

1992 Study at the Art School Nürtingen, Germany, sculpturing and painting.

1992 Practical work as a sculptor at Prof. Axel Seyler, Blomberg-Dalborn, Germany.

1994-1998 Study at Hildesheim Technical College, Germany. Studie of metalwork and
Jewellery-design (Graduated as Designer).

1996-1997 Scholarship (Leonardo Programm) at Goldsmith "Idsardi Design" in Delft, The

1998 Moved to The Netherlands.

1999 Study at the Royal Acadamy of Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands

2000 Birth of son Felice.

2002 Moved to Blokzijl and Birth of son Luca.

2004 Opening workshop "Su-Design" in Blokzijl, The Netherlands

2004 Participation Designmesse, Frauenmusuem Bonn (D)
Exhibition at Stilwerk, Berlin (D)

2005 Participation SIERAAD Amsterdam
Participation Country Fair Doorn, winner encouragementprize
Kunst van het kunnen

2006 Participation INHORGENTA Munich (D), nomination Designprize
Participation Country Fair Doorn, Doorn (NL)
Participation Sieraad and Design, Delft (NL)
Exhibition, Gallery de Driehoek, Weerselo

2007 Participation INHORGENTA, Munich
Exhibition in Gallery Idsardi Sieraad, Delft Exhibition Lust auf Schmuck, Jewellerymuseum, Pforzheim (D)
Exhibition Gallery de Driehoek, Weerselo
Exhibition Gallery of Contemporary Jewellery, Bristol (UK)
Participation Country Fair Doorn
Exhibition Gräfliches Schlossfest, Insel Mainau, Bodensee (D)

2008 Participation INHORGENTA Munich
Participation JCK, Las Vegas (USA)
Article in International magazine SEASONS
Participation en nominatie Silver Festival Legnica, Galeria Legnica, Poland Exhibition at gallery Friends of Carlotta, Zürich (CH)
Exhibition Gräfliches Schlossfest , Insel Mainau, Bodensee
Participation PUUR Doorn (former Country Fair), Doorn
Exhibition Schöne Bescherung, Jewellerymuseum, Pforzheim

2009 Participation INHORGENTA Munich
Exhibition Expositie Gräfliches Schlossfest, Insel Mainau, Bodensee (D)
Exhibition Het Juweel, Zeist castle , Zeist (NL)
Participation ECLAT DE MODE, Paris(F)
Participation PUUR Doorn, Doorn
Exhibition Alles Schaffende, Hildesheim (D)

2010 Participation INHORGENTA Munich
Exhibition Gräfliches Schlossfest, Insel Mainau, Bodensee
Participation Art collective Kunst en Kleur, Blokzijl
Exhibition art library Zwolle (NL)
Expositie library Emmeloord (NL)
Exhibition bags museum Amsterdam
Exhibition Kunstkerk Doorn
Exhibition Gallery Bettina Meyer, Berlin (D)

2011 Participation INHORGENTA Munich
Participation EUNIQUE Karlsruhe Germany
Exhibition bags museum Amsterdam
Exhibition Gräfliches Schlossfest, Insel Mainau, Bodensee
Theme- Exhibition gallery Kunst en Kleur, Blokzijl
Participation SIERAAD, Amsterdam

2011-2018 exposities in galleries

Permanent collections/Galleries:

Gallery Kunst en Kleur, Blokzijl (NL)

Atelier en gallery Idsardi Design, Delft (NL)

Gallery Friends of Carlotta, Zürich (CH)

Blauwdruck de Galerie, Zwolle (NL)

2016-2018, studie, Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Artez